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Jefferson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio was created on June 10, 1805 by the County Commissioners, from a portion of German Township. The Township was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States. Initially Jefferson Township was an extensive tract of land,
from which several present-day townships were formed. The Jefferson Township assumed its present form on August 21, 1841.

Two villages, Liberty and Gettersburg were formed between 1800 & 1803, Gettersburg later changed its name to Ellerton

Early Settlers & Settlements

Following the Treaty of Greenville in 1795 and the ending of the wars with the Native Americans this region of the state was open for settlement. The first area in the Township that was settled was along Big Bear Creek, in the vicinity of Liberty, where John Gripe built his cabin. During this period 1797 - 1803, John Miller; George & Fannie Hoffman; Michael Weaver; Jacob Miller also settled in the area. Jacob Mullendore originally settled Gettersburg in 1802.

In 1815, Liberty was laid out and platted and had a population of 225. The land was owned by Peter Becher. Liberty is the oldest town in Montgomery County.


1799 - 1803 John Gripe built his cabin in the area of Liberty

1802 Jacob Mullendore built his cabin in the area of Gettersburg (Ellerton)

1805 Township formed by County Commissioners

Ellerton became part of Jefferson Township

1819 First School built

1821 Post Office established in Liberty - Henry Hipple, first postmaster

1841 Township assumed present form

1867 Dayton Asylum opened - Today we know it as the Veterans Administration (VA)

1929 District schools consolidated into one building at Union & Dayton-Farmersville Rds.

1942 Volunteer Fire Dept. established

1947 First fire station built in Liberty

1982 Jefferson Regional Water Authority established

2002 Township built Administrative Offices/Fire Station  


 Jefferson Township, like other townships throughout the state, has four elected officials: Three Trustees and a Clerk. Each official serves a four-year term of office and is elected by voters in the unincorporated portions of Jefferson Township. The following elected officials represent the residents of Jefferson Township.

History of Jefferson Township 

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