Jefferson Township Road Dept.

 The Road Department maintains approximately 44 miles of roads, the storm sewer system (within the right-of-way), sidewalks, and two cemeteries. Road Works also manages the contracts for the annual street improvement programs and sidewalk projects. Craig Howell, road Superintendent his staff of 3 maintenance and support personnel. The Road Department is located at 1495 S Union Road . The Phone number is 937-835-5724

Public Services

Street Maintenance
 Drainage Recommendations
 Leaf pickup Program
 Snow Removal
 Road Kill Removal

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have water standing in my yard. Can the Township help solve my problem?
 Although townships may not perform work on private property, we will be glad to meet with you to provide suggestions on solving your drainage problems.

My neighbor's sump pump discharges into my yard. What can I do about it?
 The Township encourages all property owners to connect their sump pumps to the storm sewer system. Newer plats have a drain underneath the curb which can be used for this purpose. Residents in slightly older neighborhoods can connect to any nearby catch basin. If your neighbor is not cooperative in fixing the problem, try contacting the Montgomery County Combined Health District at 937- 225-4362.

What type of work needs a permit?
 Generally, most types of work done by a contractor within 12 feet of the edge of the roadway require a permit. The $10 fee covers the cost of inspections, which ensures that the work is completed to township standards. Remember that sprinkler systems, invisible fences and landscaping should be kept fifteen feet away from the street to minimize possible damages during road improvements or utility work.

Who picks up dead animals from my yard or from the street?
 The Road Department will dispose of dead animals that are found on a Township road. Montgomery County and ODOT also pick up carcasses on their respective roads. If the animal is located in your yard, you may have to dispose of it in a plastic bag in your trash.