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March 2018 Jefferson Township Sheriff's Report
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February 2018 Jefferson Township Sheriff's Report

The Jefferson Township substation is located within the Patrol Headquarters building, at 555 Infirmary Road, Dayton, OH 45427, telephone (937) 225-4144. Jefferson Township is a community consisting of 44 square miles and populated by 8,652 residents. Jefferson Township is a diverse residential community with both commercial and agricultural businesses. Jefferson Township contracts with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office for full-time, 24 hours per day police coverage and services.

Captain Brem of the Montgomery County Sherriff’s Office is back at the Command Post as the District Commander.  Captain Landis retired.

Mike Brem joined the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in 1993 as a corrections officer. He graduated from Sinclair Community College Police Academy in 1995 and was promoted to the rank of Transportation Deputy. In late 1995, Captain Brem transferred to road patrol where he was assigned to Harrison, Jefferson and Washington Townships.

In 1999, Captain Brem investigated property crimes in the detective section in Harrison Township. He joined the Montgomery County SWAT Team and later became a team leader and trainer. In 2003, Captain Brem was promoted to the rank of sergeant where he was assigned to the Jail Division, Court Services and Road Patrol.

In 2007, Captain Brem was assigned as the Montgomery County Regional Training Center Supervisor. He trained numerous law enforcement agencies. Captain Brem became involved in the Police Athletic League where he is currently the secretary on the P.A.L. Board.

In 2009, Captain Brem supervised the Montgomery County Organized Crime Unit undercover detectives. In 2010, he assisted in establishing a multi jurisdiction drug task force, Regional Agencies Narcotics & Gun Enforcement (R.A.N.G.E.). He supervised undercover operations in Montgomery and adjoining counties. Captain Brem graduated from advanced narcotics schools including the DEA's Drug Unit Commanders Academy in 2012. He is on the board and represents the South West region of Ohio in the Ohio Task Force Commanders Association.

Captain Brem was promoted to the rank of captain in September of 2013. He is the Jefferson Township District Commander, RANGE Task Force Commander, and Miami Valley Bulk Cash Smuggling Task Force Commander.

Captain Brem is a native of Montgomery County. He graduated from Miamisburg High School and attended Sinclair Community College majoring in Criminal Justice.

Captain Brem can be reached at or by telephone at 937-225-6887.

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